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The waterbutts addition to our kitchens have proved to be such a highly sought item to be added to our roofed kitchens we have now just added this as one of our standard products!!


So you get the roof, 2 waterbutts, 2 bowls, chalk and a chalkboard plus the accessories all together!!


Colour of your choice (Safolin paint) please note if we can offer you a choice of waterbutt colour we will but this is not always possible!


And full engraving of your choice as long as we can fit it on!!

120cms long, 50cms wide (at the worktop height), 100cm back height ... The roof height is approximately 120cm rising to approx 150cm at the front.


Personalised aprons available separately.


**Please note that our kitchens are delivered fully built and ready to play, and are delivered kerbside to you strapped onto a pallet and we recommend having 2 people at the delivery point to be able to move the kitchen into place.

Roofed Double Mud Kitchen & Water Butts

  • The paint colour you have chosen may look slightly different on arrival as it will adhere to the different pieces of pallet wood slightly differently each time.

    Please remember that your kitchen has been lovingly handmade from reclaimed pallet wood, and because of this it does contain imperfections.

    It is completely unique and no two kitchens are the same.

    Salvage Stitch Restore cannot accept any responsibility for any injuries sustained during the use of the kitchen for play, please make sure you supervise your child/ren at all times especially as its more fun to play together!

    Please note your deposit is non refundable.

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